Self Drilling Screws

We are a self drilling screws manufacturer. we have been manufacturing all kinds of hex washer head self drilling screw for over 20 years.

Offering a wide range of types Self Drilling Screws by us are confirmed via drawing or sample could be work available. Since we use only local materials in creating our kinds of screws, try to searching material that it is able to meet /instead of customer's demand. Through making suitable molding, screws can able inspect upon each contract. We comply with every processes to reach standard, reasonable price, and on time delivery for develop a long-term trusty partners.

Celebrite Fasteners is a professional self drilling screws manufacturer. Our various hex washer head self drilling screw have been provided to world since 2001. Our self drilling screws are including Hex Washer Head Self Drilling Screw,  Hex Flange Head Self Drilling ScrewPan Head Self Drilling ScrewFlat Head Self Drilling ScrewBugle Head Self Drilling ScrewTruss Head Self Drilling ScrewSelf Drilling Framing ScrewsOval Head Self Drilling ScrewRound Head Self Drilling ScrewWing Tek Screws.

All of our Self Drilling Screws are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. Please do not heisted to mail us once you are interested in products.