Machine Screws

Celebrite Fasteners is the leading machine screws supplier and hex cap screw manufacturer to offer customers the best quality and service for our products.
Machine Screws come in a variety of options with different features and consisting of different materials. Choosing which type material of Machine Screw to use in a particular project may be best left to the advising engineer or project manager if working on an industrial or construction site. To get a few basics on Machine Screws read on to learn more about these highly significant screws/bolts that can make or break a structure.
Celebrite Fasteners is one of the best machine screws suppliers providing high-quality hex cap screw manufacturer by our high-tech facilities. Our machine screws are including Hex Washer Head Machine Screw, Socket Head Machine Screws, Hex Head Machine Screw, Hex Cap Screw, Flat Head Machine Screws, Pan Head Machine Screw, Truss Head Machine Screw, Round Head Machine Screw.