Hex Washer Head Machine Screw

Hex Washer Head Machine Screw

Hex Washer Head Machine Screw
Hex Washer Head Machine Screw
Size : M2~M8 / 1/16"~5/16"
Length : 13~200mm / 1/2~8"
Material : Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
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Product Description


  • Size :  M2~M8  /  1/16"~5/16"
  • Length :  13~200mm  /  1/2~8"
  • Material :  Carbon Steel  /  Stainless Steel 
  • Thread Type :  UNC, UNF, Type 25 and BSW thread 
  • Surface Treatment :  Zinc plated, Yellow Zinc plated, Black zinc, Zinc Nickel, Mechnical Galvanized, Ruspert,Slat Spray Test according to customer requirement. 
  • Standard :  DIN, IFI, JIS, according to customer's drawing
  • Package :  Bulk packing, Box packing, Bag packing, Blister                    
  • Machine screw Usage :  Machine screw has wide usages, besides it used in machine equipment, it can use in Hydraulic engineering, decoration, engineering, verticles and so on. Different place to use is requrie to choose different material and strength grade. 


Celebrite Fasteners Co., Ltd.

Hex Washer Head Machine Screw is used high quality raw materials our products highly reliable and durable and caters to a wide range of diverse customer's requirement. Hex Washer head is able to with/wo serrations under head for fixing on the object by people who used in different proposal . Our mission is to gain a sustainable competitive advantage by providing our customers with the highest quality Hex Washer Head Machine Screw. We really hope to expand our business through cooperation with individuals and companies from around the world.

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