Discover High-Quality Flat Head Self Drilling Screws

Flat Head Self Drilling Screw

Flat Head Self Drilling Screw
Flat Head Self Drilling Screw
Flat Head Self Drilling Screw
Flat Head Self Drilling Screw
Flat Head Self Drilling Screw
Flat Head Self Drilling Screw
Size : M2.9~M6.3 / #4~#14 / 1/4,5/16
Length : 9.5~300mm / 3/8~12"
Material : Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
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Product Description


  • Size :  M2.9~M6.3  /  #4~#14  /  1/4,5/16
  • Length :  9.5~300mm  /  3/8~12"
  • Material :  Carbon Steel  /  Stainless Steel 
  • Drilling Point Type :  #2/#3/#4/#5  /  S point  /  Reduced point
  • Wing Type: Special wing drill into hard wood / General wing drill into common wood.

  • Surface Treatment :  Zinc plated, Yellow Zinc plated, Black zinc, Zinc Nickel, Mechnical Galvanized, Ruspert,Slat Spray Test according to customer requirement. 
  • StandardDIN, IFI, JIS, according to customer's drawing
  • Package :  Bulk packing, Box packing, Bag packing, Blister                    
  • Flat head self drilling screw characteristic :  The advantage of flat head can drill whole head into object, the head of screw doesn’t protrude on object. It used normally in contacting fastener face of object and let object surface smooth. Self drilling screw has higher pulling toughness and maintenance compares to general screw, and it doesn’t loose from object after assembly completed for a long time.
  • Product Usage :  Used in Window and wood sidebar 

High-Performance Flat Head Self Drilling Screws:
Our Flat Head Self Drilling Screws are designed for excellence. With a wide range of sizes, materials, and drilling point types, these screws ensure a seamless finish on various surfaces. The flat head design allows for a flush, smooth appearance, making them ideal for window and wood sidebar installations. Choose reliability and quality with our self drilling screws.

Precision Craftsmanship in Every Screw:
At Celebrite Fasteners, we take pride in our precision craftsmanship. Our Flat Head Self Drilling Screws combine innovation and quality, providing a secure and long-lasting solution for your projects. The unique flat head design ensures that the screw sits flush with the surface, giving a professional and clean finish. These screws are versatile, perfect for window and wood sidebar installations.

Custom Solutions Tailored to Your Needs:
In addition to our exceptional products, we offer customized OEM and ODM solutions to meet your specific requirements. We believe in open communication and collaboration with our customers to provide the exact products you need. When it comes to flat head self drilling screws, trust Celebrite Fasteners for quality, precision, and tailored solutions.

Celebrite Fasteners Co., Ltd.

Flat Head Self Drilling Screw fixed in metal sheet could be attached and leveled on the object. It is good for appearance. Close to up drill point, there are two wings which drill into wood sheet are able to discharge clip. 4 or 6 ribs under head also are fixed totally in the object. If you and your esteemed company intend to purchase Flat Head Self Drilling Screw, please contact us freely. We will provide you the best price with good quality. 

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