High-Quality Hex Flange Head Concrete Screws from Trusted Suppliers

Hex Flange Head Concrete Screw

Hex Flange Head Concrete Screw
Hex Flange Head Concrete Screw
Size : M4.8~M6.3 / #10~#14 / 3/16~5/16"
Length : 32mm~300mm / 1-1/4"~12"
Material : Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
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Product Description
  • Size :  M4.8~M6.3  /  #10~#14  /  3/16~5/16"
  • Length :  32mm~300mm  /  1-1/4"~12"
  • Material :  Carbon Steel  /  Stainless Steel 
  • Thread type :  Hi-Lo Thread
  • Point type :  Sharp point and Diamond point
  • Surface Treatment :  Zinc plated, Yellow Zinc plated, Black zinc, Zinc Nickel, Mechnical Galvanized, Ruspert,Slat Spray Test according to customer requirement. 
  • Standard :  DIN, IFI, JIS, according to customer's drawing
  • Package :  Bulk packing, Box packing, Bag packing, Blister                    
  • Flange characteristic :  Big flange washer is attached by object , it is contacts with object can prevent water and rain into the object to casue corrosion while flange washer screw drills 

Hex Flange Head Concrete Screws for Superior Fastening:
Our Hex Flange Head Concrete Screws, also known as HEX FLANGE HEAD CONCRETE SCREW, offer superior fastening solutions for your projects. These concrete screws are available in a range of sizes ( M4.8~M6.3  /  #10~#14  /  3/16~5/16") and lengths ( 32mm~300mm  /  1-1/4"~12") to match your specific requirements. Whether you prefer Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel materials, Hi-Lo Thread, sharp point, or diamond point, we have options for you. Customize your order with a choice of surface treatments, including Zinc plating, Yellow Zinc plating, Black zinc, Zinc Nickel, Mechnical Galvanized, Ruspert, and Slat Spray Test. 

Leading Concrete Screws Suppliers:
Celebrite Fasteners stands as one of the leading concrete screws suppliers, with a dedication to providing top-quality Hex Flange Head Concrete Screws. As a tek screw manufacturer and machine screws manufacturer with a factory in Taiwan, we consistently supply and export high-performance fasteners. Our concrete screws come in various sizes, materials, and surface treatments to cater to your specific project needs. 

Customized Solutions for Your Fastening Needs:
At Celebrite Fasteners, we go beyond offering excellent concrete screws; we provide customized OEM and ODM solutions to address your unique requirements.

Celebrite Fasteners Co., Ltd.

Hex Flange Head Concrete Screw with wider flange, Hi-Lo thread, and thread cutting are the characteristics in it. We're a professional Hex Flange Head Concrete Screw manufacturer with more than 20 years. Our products are popular among customers. We have been successful in establishing long-term business relationships with companies.

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