Tecfi assortment for roofing panel

Tecfi assortment for roofing panel

Oct 11,2022

With a catallogue of over 3,000 products, with a range of EU and anti-seismic cerifications, Tecfi states it is the first Italian company to achieve an ETA on the majority of its roofing fixing systems for metal base materias, including screws and accessories for fixing sandwich panels and general roofing.

The provisions of many European countries's building codes require that mateiral and products, intendd to be used in construction, shoulld be identified by the manufacturer; qualified under the responsibility of the manufactureer; and accepted by the construciton site engineer through the identification and qualification documents.

Most of Tecfi's most popular roofing fixings are now ETA-CE certified, in complliance with the standing provisions of EAD330047-01-0602 and the CPR. These inculded the BIM02 hexagonal flat washer head BIMETAL (A2 stainless steel and carbon steel) self-drilling screw with special coating Steel Save R 1,000h R; TX01 hexagonal flanged washer head self drilling screw with A2 stainless steel capped head, assembled with EPDM washer, with special coating Steel Saver R 1,500h; AB04 hexagonal flat washer head self-drilling screw, drillling capacity 12mm, zinc plated; AB01 with a drilling capacity of 6mm, also zinc plated.

The above listed screw can be assembled with Tecfi SpA's metal EPDM bonded washer, EPDM/metal umbrella shapd washers, saddle washers and rhomboidal gaskets. 

From: Fastfix technology.com